From Color Consultations to Complete Project Management


The Basics

Basics include a design incorporating space planing, furniture,  decor,  rugs,  pillows, flower arrangements, plants, paint, flooring and lighting presented to you in a 3D digital design so you can visualize your new space. A shopping list will be provided to you so you may make purchases and arrange vendors to make the design a reality.  


The Works

In addition to "The Basics" we will  handle all of the shopping, ordering, and procurement of the items included in your design and have them delivered directly to you. We will make referrals to trusted paint and floor installation vendors. You can schedule the vendors at your convenience and work with them directly. Once the paint and flooring are projects are complete, we will install  your new furniture and decor for your finished design project. 


The Reveal

When you want the TV show "Big Reveal" experience, we offer full design project management which includes "The Basics," "The Works," plus we will acquire, hire, manage, and work in collaboration with venders directly. Once the paint, flooring, tile, etc. have been installed, we will  place your new furniture and decor to make your dream a reality.  We will be your sole direct contact and will manage the project from start to finish.